Can you improve the quality of your publications?

The new printing technology will allow us to improve our processes and to achieve better results in the following printing processes:

Printing on uncoated paper. For the aesthetic purposes of every printing material, it is very important for colours to meet the standard requirements, and to be bright with the paint evenly applied. Printing on uncoated paper has been enjoying growing popularity recently. Usually, when printing on uncoated (offset) paper, colours are dull and pale because of the high paint absorption qualities of this type of paper. The technological improvements used in our printing will allow the achievement of brighter and more intense colours than that of conventional offset technology.

Background coverage. Another very important and significant parameter in printing is background coverage. This is the smooth coverage of large areas with one colour. Sometimes, certain discrepancies occur during this process, including stripes, uneven colours or starvation ghosting. Our technological improvements will prevent these discrepancies and ensure smoother background coverage.

Printed surfaces. Depending on the design and concept of a publication, sometimes a material other than paper is desired, but the current technical capacities of many other printing houses cannot offer this possibility (suppliers abroad are often searched for in order to achieve these solutions). Our new equipment will offer an opportunity to choose from a wider variety of printed surfaces, including: plastic, transparent film, and other non-absorbent ink surfaces.

Abrasion resistance. At present, publications are preserved by using a dispersion varnish, but this process is far from perfect: when drying, varnish emits a certain smell, prevents feeling the natural surface of the paper, and not all types of paper and cardboard can have a dispersion varnish applied. Publications printed using our new technology will have a greater resistance to abrasion or any other physical effects without using a varnish.

Environmental protection. KOPA is a green printing house concerned about saving the environment. Therefore, one of the major advantages of our new technology is environmental friendliness. The equipment will allow using an energy-saving regime, and if possible, cut down on the use of electricity, inks and water. No hazardous, poisonous materials or ozone will be emitted during the printing process, while the materials used in printing will be friendly to both human health and the environment.

a 57 ton shipment of some of the most innovative equipment in Europe is in the yard of printing house already!

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While you are enjoying the festive season with all its pleasures, the KOPA printing house will be carrying out preparatory works to be better prepared to greet you in the coming year.
May all your publications be beautiful in 2016!