The book Vitas Luckus. Biografija. Kūryba (Vitas Luckus. Biography. Work.) has won the main prize in the book art contest Vilnius’2014

In 2014 the printers KOPA accepted a challenge to print the book Vitas Luckus. Biografija. Kūryba – a two volume (three book) monograph of one of the most significant Lithuanian photographers of the second half of the 20th century, Vitas Luckus. Today, the nineteenth of February 2015, this publication won the main Annual Prize in the book art contest Vilnius’2014.

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KOPA printed R. Požerskis‘s book Lietuva 1988–1993 (Lithuania 1988–1993)

Printing house KOPA finished printing of the new photo album „Lithuania 1988–1993“  by Romualdas Požerskis at the beginning of February. This album is dedicated to the remembrance of historical events that led Lithuania to the independence. The publication „Lithuania 1988–1993“ was presented to the audience on February 11, 2015.

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Award for the printers for the design of a book about architect Algimantas Sprindys

The nineteenth of February 2015 was a successful day for KOPA printers. We received three awards in the book art competition for our publications Vitas Luckus. Biografija. Kūryba, architect Algimantas Sprindis work and R. Požerskis’s photography album Lietuva 1988–1993 (Lithuania 1988–1993), plus one more award for the design of a book about architect Algimantas Sprindis, prepared for KOPA by designer Jovita Bliūdžiūtė.

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Smells like a green Christmas in KOPA

Should you visit KOPA, you would be greeted with chords of Christmas music fused with cosy Christmas smells of cinnamon, clove, ginger, orange...

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KOPA Printing House in 2014 – together with SCANORAMA

Artistic value, innovation and creativity are what connect KOPA Printing House and the European Film Forum SCANORAMA. Therefore, the printing house is a sponsor of the festival for the fourth year.

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KOPA Printing House learns to work in a team with Ambersail crew members

On September 11, the KOPA Printing House sales team attended a most non-traditional lecture at the Kaunas Lagoon.

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KOPA Printing House was nominated as the Greenest Printing House in 2014

Just yesterday, Kopa won “the Greenest Printing House” nomination at the international press conference “BaltPrint” press industry.

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German recognition for the design of Vytautas V. Stanionis' Photographs for Documents album

The German Book Design Competition took place in Frankfurt at the beginning of September, where the Photographs for Documents album by Vytautas V. Stanionis was among 28 chosen candidates for the awards.

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Lithuanian press restoration, language and book’s day

In Lithuania, May 7th is celebrated as Press restoration, language and book’s day.

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„The Black Box Project” presentation

Paper supplier Antalis team had a visit in printing house KOPA on June 13 where presented the board project "The Black Box Project”.

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