Winner of MACK BOOKS First Book Award: The Swamp

The life and work of a printing house is dynamic and fast-paced. We love what we do so we see every project as an opportunity to learn something new. During the last five months a lot of exceptional projects have gone through our hands. The Swamp by Sofia Borges is one of them. It’s a unique art project that took seven years of hard work to become a reality. However, hard work usually pays off.

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Books printed by KOPA Printing House are among the most beautiful books of 2015

Vilnius Book Fair organised for the 17th time this year is gaining more importance as a cultural event with every year, inviting visitors to learn about the novelties in the world of literature, publishing, printing, art, and music. On February 25, Thursday, the most beautiful books published in 2015 were awarded at Vilnius Book Fair 2016. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania is organising The Book Art Contest every year, awarding the best and most beautiful books of the year. KOPA Printing House published three books of the awarded most beautiful books.

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2016 in press: professionalism, high quality and exceptional publications

Tens of thousands of print articles are issued every year, therefore, each publication must fight for the attention of a client or a buyer among many competitors. It is for this reason that every detail of a publication should be carefully considered and planned. Your product should not only attract the attention but also encourage to use the services it offers. What should be in focus when planning this year's publications?

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KOPA printing house – in the finals of the European Business Awards

It is very important for each company to continuously improve, achieve its targets and look for new challenges. In 2015, the KOPA printing house participated in some of the most prestigious business awards in Europe – the European Business Awards. KOPA was rated in the environmental category, and was awarded the status of a national champion.

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KOPA printing house – about how press standards can even be better

After nearly a month of testing and debugging, the KOPA printing house will start working with the most modern printing machine on the market, the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 UV-5 LE. We have already described the advantages of this machine, and in this article, we will look at how the new machine will allow us to achieve better parameters without increasing prices for our customers.

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Can you improve the quality of your publications?

Could you tell us what quality of publication would satisfy you? We have no doubt that you are well aware that this question, which at first glance may seem complicated and some kind of philosophical one, can be very simple after splitting the quality into separate parameters that we can measure. That is what we always do during our printing processes. So, the time has come for us to set new goals in pursuit of quality, in order to improve our printing processes. Today, a 57 ton shipment of some of the most innovative equipment in Europe was delivered to our printing house, which will offer an excellent opportunity to have a closer look at our printing processes and improve them.

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The printing house publication – “Mano idėjos organiser” – won the “Press article 2015” award“

On 12 November 2015, the KOPA printing house was awarded in the “Press article 2015” category by the Lithuanian printing industry. The nominated product was the “Mano idėjos organiser” (design by Jovita Bliūdžiūtė).

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The biggest technological change in the history of KOPA printing house – coming soon

The world of technology is developing as fast as fashion trends are changing. Yet, every major change in the company's (printing) technology fleet is particularly important, and demands time. It has to be thought through, and evaluated. There must be a need for such change, and in the printing house change is mostly driven not by innovation developers, but by users. This is why the opportunity to talk with our customers is our highest value and strongest growth motivator. Today, we can confidently say – we are ready to change and to discuss the immediate future of the printing industry and, at the same time, your publications.

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Together with the team – from a lawn of the printing house to a fruitful garden

We started the year 2015 by sending 'green' wishes, in spring we became the 'greenest' printing house, while with the busiest time approaching we decided to test our team spirit on KOPA lawn...

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An opportunity to visit Inconvenient Films Festival with KOPA

How often do you think about the most important things in life? KOPA printing house together with documentary film festival Inconvenient Films is inviting its clients to join a very relevant discussion about human rights and social problems. Guests of the festival will be given an opportunity to see exclusive documentary films with a number of awards, which will open the eyes and will invite to take a broader perspective into life.

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