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The feeling when You take Your printed project to Your hands, take a deep breath and smile... That's what printing is all about.

We set high quality standarts with LE-UV offset printing machine.

  • Printing on uncoated paper with high colour brilliance (colours on uncoated paper will look nearly as deep as on coated)
  • Smoother background coverage
  • Greater resistance to abrasion or any other physical effects without using a varnish
  • Powder-free production and consequently smooth surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly production with by up to 60% reduced CO2 emissions, ozone-free and low-odour production.

Even small runs (from 500 cps.) of catalogues and brochures can be printed using offset LE-UV technology while staying within your budget.
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Process of KOPA printing services


Preparation for printing

Print works / manufacture



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