Art books

Art book is a tiny exhibition that can be visited and enjoyed over and over again. It can help showcase the best artworks to a wider audience.

KOPA is known as a producer of quality art books and professional photo albums. Books printed by us are displayed in museums and galleries in a number of countries.

All we know is that we love to print! No other media is capable of rendering artwork as precisely, as high quality offset printing. Photo album printing is a complex process: it involves accurate reproduction of colours, paper coating for added value, selection of the appropriate paper type, binding method and decoration along with other sophisticated tasks. Appropriate handling of these tasks is crucial, since a photo album is a silent legacy of the artist.

Steps to achieve the highest quality of art books:

Consulting. The project managers at KOPA printing house are fully aware of the quality requirements and their obligation to represent the artist, since an album is an artist’s business card. Our project managers, most of whom have a degree in technology, are highly experienced in artwork printing, which involves rendering of photos as well as selection of appropriate printing media and binding methods. Our clients are highly satisfied with the professional consulting services provided by KOPA, which is often the key factor that determines the final look of the print.

Technology. An art book or a catalogue is always a unique publication and it requires a separate discussion of specifications. Professional art books printed by KOPA shine with quality offset printing. For more information on our printing solutions and technology, please visit.

Optimum price of a publication is offered with a minimum print run of 500 copies.

Colour quality. KOPA is the first printing house in the Baltic states certified to ISO 12647:2 standard. This standard ensures the control of graphic technology processes, such as colour separation, production of digital proof prints and the printing process.

Colour management. Translate your images to paper the way you want it to. We have colour management in house so we can always help you with: colour correction, colour convertion and ICC Profiles. For more information click here.

Your artwork will be in good hands!

The galery of art books, which were printed in KOPA visit here.

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